White Sage Benefits

Sage is a Herb Known for its Medicinal and Healing Properties.

People have burned Sage for Centuries to Cleanse and Purify.Burning the Sage ( Known as Smudging ) is Believed to Dispel Negative Energy and Influences Allowing for New Positive Energy to Reside.

Smudging Fans

There are  4 Main Designs Shown in this Gallery

1) "V  Fans "are  for  Working Energy within and around a  Person/s Aura . They are Designed to Twist and Cut Easily Through the Air when Working with Them

2) Ceremony Fans are used for

 Special Occasions and have Significant  

 Meaning Depending from What they

are Made From

3) Smudging Fans are

 Designed to Move the

 Maximum Amount of

 Air in , Up and Down

 Movements (i.e. Unlike a V Fan

Which is Used in Any Direction)

4) " O" Fans

There are Two Types. One is Free Standing On a  Wood Base for Ornamental Purposes Only

The Other  Can Be Hand Held and Used to Smudge and then replaced back on Stand as a Display