BLACK  Mystical Insight


BLUE :   Psychic Awareness, Peace

            and Protection   


BROWN :   Stability , Respect  and Grounding


GREY :   Peace  and  Flexibility


GREEN :   Health, Fertility, Prosperity, Nature 

              and Money


ORANGE :   Success  and New Energy


PINK :    Love, Friendship, Honour  and  Faithfulness


PURPLE :    Spiritual Growth  and  Consciousness


RED :    Earth  Vitality ,Fire  and  Life

WHITE  :    Peace, Protection  and Purity

YELLOW :    Sun, Mind Alertness   and Happiness      





CROW :   Symbolizing  Stealth, Balance and Release from Past  Beliefs

DOVE :  Symbolizing Kindness, Love  and Peace


EAGLE :   Sacred Feathers Representing Leadership, Strength  and Prestige

FALCON :   Symbolizing Agility, Soul  Healing & Change

HAWK :  For Guardianship  and  Vision

OWL :   Night Guardian full of Wisdom and  Insight

PEACOCK :  The 'EYE" of the Feather stimulates inner Clairvoyant Vision and  acts as Protection against  the "Evil Eye"

RAVEN :   Symbolizes Knowledge from Other Realms

SWALLOW:   Symbolizes Happy Home with Love & Peace

ROOSTER :   The Tail Feathers are Symbols of the God and Goddess Energy

TURKEY:   Represents Fertility, Abundance  and   Pride